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Trans Rights Protest to take place at Downing Street on Friday, August 6 from 1pm

Graham Robson July 6, 2021

The protest will demand improvements to trans healthcare waiting times, an end to the government’s placating of anti-trans hate groups, and meaningful changes being made to better support the trans community

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March in Solidarity with Polish LGBTQ+ people this Saturday, October 24

October 23, 2020

Solidarity with Polish LGBTQI+ Brighton to host a Protest in Solidarity with Polish LGBTQ+ people on Saturday, October 24 from 1pm.

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OPINION PIECE: Never Forget that Pride is a Protest

Billie Gold July 30, 2020

As I watched the amount of people attending the ‘Unofficial Pride Beach Party’ my heart sank. I very rarely get on my soapbox but this time it felt like something had to be said…

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15,000+ people at Brighton’s Black Lives Matter protest

Gscene Editorial Team June 14, 2020

The Brighton Black Lives Protests today attracted many more people than expected with some estimates saying more than 10,000 people had taken part.  

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