West Midlands Chief Constable confronted at Birmingham Pride over historic “LGBTQ+ witch-hunts”

Graham Robson May 29, 2023

West Midlands’ Chief Constable, Craig Guildford, was challenged at Birmingham Pride on Saturday, May 27 over his force’s refusal to apologise for its past “witch-hunting of the LGBTQ+ community”. 

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Fatt Projects fundraising to continue their work for Birmingham’s LGBTQ+ community and beyond

Catherine Muxworthy May 23, 2023

Founded in 2021, some of their recent projects have included “creating accessible and sober LGBTQ+ dance spaces and a large-scale community performance at Birmingham Pride with MOBILISE, building the world’s first development model to support the creation of queer-positive performance work for children and families in PALAVER, [a] drag-celebration of musical theatre Send in the Clowns, and outdoor shows Big Gay Disco Bike and Disco Tea Party.”

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Birmingham Pride launches partnership to introduce core services for trans adults

Graham Robson March 30, 2023

Birmingham Pride has launched a new partnership with Not a Phase, the national charity focussed on supporting trans adults. Current estimates provided by Birmingham City Council suggest that there are over 500 000 trans people in the UK, with over 9,000 trans people living in Birmingham.

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