Fruitful Collective

Alex Klineberg October 2, 2021

Bitten Peach was formed with fellow performers on the cabaret scene. They sold out as soon as they announced shows. Was that because of the individual performers or the nature of the group? “I think it was the collective aspect… no one had really seen an all-Asian group. ShayShay has a good following, I have a good following and Evelyn was upcoming. I think it was mostly because people had never seen anything like it.”

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Queer Connect online festival to help loneliness in LGBTQ+ people

Rachel Badham September 29, 2021

Sappho Events has announced its Queer Connect festival; a series of online events for LGBTQ+ people including a queer film night.

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Born this binary, or am I an act of violence too?

Craig Hanlon-Smith September 2, 2021

The auteur of this social and sexual enlightenment is NEO 10Y, a self-defined spiritual revolutionary, artist and musician. Having perused the respective social media accounts and Youtube videos I really like what I see and will absolutely seek this artist out for the full live experience. NEO 10Y’s performance work looks genuinely exciting.

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News From Nowhere exhibition

Jaq Bayles July 24, 2021

Walking through Brighton’s North Laine, if you look into one of the windows of the new LGBT+ Ledward Centre on Jubilee Street you’ll be confronted with Boris Johnson’s face staring out from the bum of a Leonardo de Vinci’s drawing

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