Community News

Scotland’s LGBTQ+ orgs launch election equality manifesto

Graham Robson March 22, 2021

Stonewall Scotland, Equality Network, LGBT Youth Scotland and Scottish Trans Alliance call to end discrimination and barriers that LGBTQ+ people still face.

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General News

Scottish MP opposes non-binary rights bill

Rachel Badham February 18, 2021

Former Scottish Labour leader, Johann Lamont, has put forward amendments to a national hate crime bill which would leave non-binary citizens unprotected from harassment and violence.

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General News

Update: Scottish government retracts anti-trans regulations

Rachel Badham February 2, 2021

Scottish justice minister, Humza Yousaf, announced the country has decided to scrap a bill which would allow anti-trans hate speech as part of the proposed ‘Hate Crime and Public Order’.

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