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SPOTLIGHT: esmale, the gay adult store (AD)

August 5, 2021

Summer is here, more flesh on show and people are free to do as they please. We can feel the naughty energy in the air. With that in mind we thought who better to be in the spotlight than esmale, if there is one company who knows all about supplying people with naughty gear it would be them! So, we got in touch with them, and this is how it went down.

Hey esmale, some of our readers might be new to your store. Can you let them know what esmale is all about?

We certainly can! We see ourselves as adult pleasure providers. About 10 years ago we started in the hope to become the best place to buy gay sex toys in the UK. Now a decade later we have a huge client base throughout the UK and Europe but no longer is it just toys. We have massively expanded to include Fetish Gear, Sex Essentials, and underwear. Basically, we aim to supply all products of an adult nature that are related to having a good time and looking good whilst doing it!

What was the effect of Covid on the store and customer buying patterns?

From a business point of view, we have been lucky as we are an online only organisation and have a spacious UK based warehouse were we work from. We saw an increase in orders and noticed that customers were getting a little more adventurous. More fetish products and high-end toys like motorised masturbators and vibrating anal toys. With everybody stuck at home it felt like our customers were experimenting with their bedroom fun and exploring new products to provide the body and mind with some pleasure. We also sell poppers via our sister store PopperSuperShop and during lockdown we saw an increase in demand for these.

Now we are in the summer, what are the must haves you recommend to our readers?

Well, ever since the rules have been relaxed we have seen a surge in underwear sales. I guess we all neglected to refresh our underwear drawer which makes total sense. No-one was going out so who cares about new underwear. Our new collections of Addicted underwear, Breedwell and C-in2 are amongst the best sellers. As far as recommendations are concerned, we would highlight sex toys brands like Hot Octopuss, Oxballs, Fleshjack and King Cock. These are all slightly higher in price but better in value. Investing in good products that really provide you with intense pleasure is something we see a lot more of these days. For those of you that enjoy room aromas we suggest the best seller Berlin XXX Hardcore.

Is there still a taboo when it comes to shopping for sex products.

It is certainly less than when we first started but it is still there. The idea to take yourself off into your bedroom and provide your mind and body with a good time instead of reading a book is still a bit uncomfortable for some. I think this will get better in time. We regularly get feedback from customers that have “seen the light” and schedule in some playtime with themselves. In addition to it being great fun, it can also be a great stress relief and a way to lock the outside world out for a while.

Is there anything you want to promote?    

Not really to be honest. We have an excellent buying policy, so all our products are great. All we can say is, come and have a look at to see what we have in store for you that could put a smile on your face. I guess the only plug I can make is that the Summer Sale is on and 1000’s of items are reduced in price. This also applies to

With love

Team esmale!