Polish LGBT+ use Taylor Swift track to ask for help

LGBT+ people in Poland unite to make their own LGBT+ version of Taylor Swift’s You Need To Calm Down music video.

Jakub and David
Jakub and David

THE new LGBT+ version features some of the most famous people in Poland including the Vice President of Warsaw Patryk Rabiej and European Parliament member Robert Biedron MEP.

The video has been made by Jakub and David to draw the worlds attention to the LGBT free zones created in Poland by the government.

Last year the couple made a coming out video of the Roxette song Some other Summer that went viral.

The couple had no budget to make the video so they asked LGBT+ people to record their own videos and send it to them. The response was overwhelming – they received 350 videos from 140 people!

David said: “Considering the huge scale of homophobia in Poland – that is 140 very brave people.

“We managed to gather the most important and famous LGBT+ people in Poland in just two weeks! That’s pretty amazing.” 

Jakub added: “They didn’t appear in the video for fun. They did it to draw the world’s attention to LGBT+ rights in Poland. Two weeks ago Pride in the Polish city of Bialystok turned into a riot.

“Our Conservative government now supports creating LGBT+ free zones in Poland where LGBT+ people are not welcome. It’s hard to believe that all this is happening in a country in Europe in 2019.”