Joe Lycett reveals Birmingham ‘Banksy’ to be ‘Fake News’

Catherine Muxworthy April 13, 2024

Joe Lycett’s live show Late Night Lycett returned Friday, April 12 on Channel 4 with the revelation that the comedian was behind the new artwork in Birmingham’s Gay Village that many thought was created by the artist Banksy. Filming live from Digbeth, Late Night Lycett returned for season two with a segment on fake news in which it was revealed that one of the many fake news stories planted by Joe Lycett was, in fact, the supposed Banksy piece.

The artwork, which shows the Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy reaching for a pair of ruby slippers that hang from a telephone wire above, appeared outside Sidewalk bar on April 3 was actually created by Lycett’s artist friend, Dion Kitson. While many initially thought that the work might have been created by Banksy, the artist himself released a statement confirming it wasn’t. Then, upon learning ahead of this week’s show that Lycett had been planting fake news stories people started to suggest online that Lycett was likely behind the art.

“That Birmingham fake Banksy! That was me mate Dion!” Joe Lycett said on Instagram.

The latest stunt from the comedian was created to highlight the amount of fake news in the media. Other stories concocted by Lycett and his team included a bruise in the shape of Prince Harry’s face and a statue of Ian ‘H’ Watkins from Steps.