Trans Flag flying from Town Hall to mark Trans Pride Brighton

July 17, 2021

Brighton and Hove Council are showing support and solidarity for our Trans and Non binary communities celebrating Trans Pride in the city today by flying the Trans Flag from the Town Halls.

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Brighton & Hove Pride teases plans for an extensive cultural LGBTQ+ festival

Graham Robson June 16, 2021

Brighton & Hove Pride has teased plans for an extensive cultural LGBTQ+ festival through August and September 2021, following the cancellation of this year’s Pride event

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YouTuber Abigail Thorn comes out as trans

Rachel Badham February 1, 2021

British YouTube creator Abigail Thorn recently came out as trans in a video where she explained her gender identity and spoke out against the increasing hostility towards trans people in the UK.

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General News

Nats Getty comes out as trans and non-binary

Rachel Badham January 21, 2021

Nats Getty, a 28-year-old artist and designer who is in a relationship with high profile YouTube star, Gigi Gorgeous, has come out as trans and non-binary in a recent Instagram post.

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