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Queen Josephine releases limited edition LGBTQ+ Pride artwork, featuring LGBTQ+ icons, including James Ledward, and raising funds for LGBTQ+ mental health charity, MindOut

Graham Robson February 26, 2024

Queen Josephine’s You. Me. Them. Us. original 2023 artwork for Paul Smith’s Pride Project is now available as limited edition A3 and A4 prints on GCLI textured fine-quality art paper. A celebration of what Pride means to Queenie – it’s always about the people – this incredible original artwork, commissioned by Paul Smith for MindOut, is now available for you to buy as a print to adorn your walls with, erm, Pride.

A deep dive into the glorious history of Brighton & Hove Pride and Trans Pride Brighton & Hove, it represents everything Queenie loves about her city and the trailblazing souls that make it so incredible to be part of. Ten per-cent of each sale will be donated to the LGBTQ+ mental health charity, MindOut.

Depicting the many delights that have come to encompass all that LGBTQ+ Pride means to Queenie you’ll find many queeroes, trailblazers and allies drawing a proud crowd including campaigners Arthur Law and Shelia McWattie, Queenie’s own 1980s Bootsy Sue, Lunch Positive’s Gary Pargeter, drag royalty Lola Lasagne, Banksy’s Brighton kissing coppers, Wild Fruit queens Chrissy Darling and Dolly Rocket, Candy Bar wonders Joy, DJ Kinky D and Rach Red, DJ and Femme Fraiche Michelle Manetti, DJ and Calabash co-founder and campaigner Affy Go Bang, LGBTQ+ human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, musicians and songwriters Al Start and Nicky Mitchell, DJ and producer duo The Illustrious Blacks, DJ Honey Dijon, Gscene / Scene editor and founder James Ledward, Brighton & Hove Pride’s Paul Kemp, designer and Xi-Xi darling Meesh Mash, EJ Scoh from the Museum of Transology, actress and campaigner Miss Kimberley, social activist Munroe Bergdorf, musician and singer-songwriter Romy, Trans Pride Brighton & Hove co-founder Sarah Savage, DJ legend and Brighton & Hove’s finest doggie sausage distributor Fatboy Slim, LGBTQ+ icon Kylie and two queer dears called Wildblood & Queenie.

Queen Josephine’s You. Me. Them. Us. is limited to 30 prints representing 30 years a Queen.

Buy online here.