OPINION: Sam Trans Man – Thinking beyond gender.

February 21, 2019

Dr Samuel Hall on dismantling the false divide and achieving true equality. Just recovering from my second lot of genital surgery. The first operation, where they skinned my arm to make my penis and sliced both buttocks up to cover the deficit on said arm, left me deeply traumatised, both physically and mentally. It’s perhaps a good thing you can’t really know what this is going to be like until you do it (a bit like having a baby). I could only ever glimpse what was to come – ultimately the acquisition of a functioning penis, bodily integrity, improved mental health and wellbeing. 

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OPINION: Craig’s Thoughts – Another Brick In The Wall

Craig Hanlon-Smith February 8, 2019

Whatever position taken on the subject of Brexit, there is some agreement that on all sides of the discussion behaviours have led much to be desired. Neither lies nor fears projected during polarised arguments are attributes we should be aspiring to and yet we perhaps shouldn’t be surprised that these characteristics emerge.

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OPINION: Sugar Swan – How she sees it!

Ms Sugar Swan February 3, 2019

At the very start of transition I felt that I was forced to perform femininity to be taken seriously as a woman. I felt that I had to wear feminine coded clothes, wigs and a lot of make up, more make up than any one woman should wear, before I was able to leave the house. Should I not wear prosthetic breasts, tuck my genitals and ‘make the effort’ to look as feminine as possible then I would be gendered as male?

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OPINION: The Ramblings of a Not-So-Trendy Teen 

Lee Henriques January 9, 2019

You must be white, cis, straight-acting and ripped or you’re not gay says Lee Henriques. Those are the expectations set upon men in the LGBT+ communities, aren’t they? Our standards of beauty consist solely of whiteness, cisness and stereotypical (AKA toxic and heteronormative) masculinity.

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OPINION: Transitioning with Sugar – Trans Positive Healthcare

Ms Sugar Swan October 25, 2018

First, before I get on my pedestal for the month, I have to convey my sincere apologies to my regular readers for my recent hiatus. You may well remember that this time last year I spent a month in India having some surgeries; well, with nine months to allow myself to heal, I have just spent the last two months away having some more work done.

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OPINION: Sam Trans Man salutes his Lesbian Icons

Besi Besemar September 10, 2018

Dr Samuel Hall on the hijacking of feminism, the gender divide, and the struggle to access safe spaces.
I write with a theme of Lesbian Icons the morning after Big Pride, as opposed to Trans Pride, which was two weeks previous. These two celebrations feel worlds apart.

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OPINION: Sam Trans Man – what lies between?

Besi Besemar July 28, 2018

I WAS at a dinner party last night. A great and old friend, renowned for her fabulous catering, put on a pretty impressive do to celebrate her 50th. She is one of a circle of friends from my pre-transition days who are really accepting of my new life, have embraced my amazing partner and her family, and really help me to take myself seriously as a man.

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