General News

Judge rules gender dysphoria diagnosis “unnecessary” for legal recognition

Rachel Badham May 21, 2021

A judge ruled that the requirement for trans people to receive a diagnosis of gender dysphoria to be legally recognised is unjustified.

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Community News

Trans athlete to compete in men’s race at Brighton and Hove Triathlon this weekend

Gary Hart September 11, 2019

Transgender athlete Jason Walker competes this weekend in the Brighton and Hove Triathlon on Sunday, September 15 to raise awareness of Gender Dysphoria.

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OPINION: Sam Trans Man – Thinking beyond gender.

February 21, 2019

Dr Samuel Hall on dismantling the false divide and achieving true equality. Just recovering from my second lot of genital surgery. The first operation, where they skinned my arm to make my penis and sliced both buttocks up to cover the deficit on said arm, left me deeply traumatised, both physically and mentally. It’s perhaps a good thing you can’t really know what this is going to be like until you do it (a bit like having a baby). I could only ever glimpse what was to come – ultimately the acquisition of a functioning penis, bodily integrity, improved mental health and wellbeing. 

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In The South

OPINION: Sugar Swan – How she sees it 

Besi Besemar January 3, 2019

EACH year, it’s tradition that we make New Year’s Resolutions. Whilst we may focus on anything from picking up a new hobby through to charitable giving, many resolutions focus on health and fitness. 

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PREVIEW: ‘Not today: How I chose life’ – a new autobiography from Sophie Cook

Besi Besemar December 24, 2018

Trans campaigner and broadcaster Sophie Cook chronicles her voyage towards truth, validation and authenticity in a new autobiography that charts her journey through self harming and having suicidal thoughts to finally transitioning and learning how to love herself.

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