OPINION: Sam Trans Man – Thinking beyond gender.

February 21, 2019

Dr Samuel Hall on dismantling the false divide and achieving true equality. Just recovering from my second lot of genital surgery. The first operation, where they skinned my arm to make my penis and sliced both buttocks up to cover the deficit on said arm, left me deeply traumatised, both physically and mentally. It’s perhaps a good thing you can’t really know what this is going to be like until you do it (a bit like having a baby). I could only ever glimpse what was to come – ultimately the acquisition of a functioning penis, bodily integrity, improved mental health and wellbeing. 

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In The South

OPINION: Sam Trans Man – what lies between?

Besi Besemar July 28, 2018

I WAS at a dinner party last night. A great and old friend, renowned for her fabulous catering, put on a pretty impressive do to celebrate her 50th. She is one of a circle of friends from my pre-transition days who are really accepting of my new life, have embraced my amazing partner and her family, and really help me to take myself seriously as a man.

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Community News

FEATURE: Sam Trans Man

June 22, 2017

Dr Samuel Hall on why we should be talking about depression, often and widely. As I write we are enjoying unseasonably good weather with temperatures on the weekend of the Brighton Marathon reaching the low 20ºs. Marvellous. I can anticipate the lifting of my mood as the trees begin to bud and the children are enjoying a well-earned Easter break. All this should mean better sleep and lower levels of depression (reference for readers with a thirst for academia:

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