In The South

OPINION: Sugar Swan – How she sees it 

Besi Besemar January 3, 2019

EACH year, it’s tradition that we make New Year’s Resolutions. Whilst we may focus on anything from picking up a new hobby through to charitable giving, many resolutions focus on health and fitness. 

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OPINION: ‘Craig’s Thoughts’ by Craig Hanlon-Smith

Craig Hanlon-Smith January 26, 2018

Within almost a month of meeting my then boyfriend, now husband, he became an uncle for the first time. I remember receiving the text from him, which screamed in capital letters; I AM AN UNCLE. My automatic, and I concede extremely unattractive response, was one of searing jealousy. I had, until this moment in life, managed to avoid boyfriends worth any mention (because if you don’t ‘feel’ it why bother, right?) but this one was serious and I did not intend to compete for him with a frickin’ baby.

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