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Munroe Bergdorf calls for social media platforms to tackle transphobia

Rachel Badham February 17, 2021

London-based model, writer and trans activist, Munroe Bergdorf, has called for social media platforms to tackle transphobic cyberbullying.

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Business News

Gscene is looking for…

July 13, 2020

A person or agency to help us sustain the viability of the magazine by advising us on maximising the potential of our advertising opportunities within the print magazine, the online magazine, website and social media platforms, and perhaps, as a result of that advice, to manage this part of our Social Enterprise, or assist in recruiting somebody to do so.

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Gscene’s Instagram @gscenemagazine quivering for your attention

Gscene Editorial Team May 6, 2020

Gscene’s Instagram account @gscenemagazine quivering for your attention

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Exposed: The Scale of Transphobia Online

Gscene Editorial Team October 25, 2019

Using the largest dataset of its kind. They  uncovered 1.5 million transphobic comments amid the wider conversation around trans people. This report does not make for light reading as it uncovers the shocking and inhumane ways in which transgender people are targeted, harassed, and abused on digital platforms.

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