Interview with Oksana Dobroskok, coordinator of LGBTQ+ shelters in Kyiv, Dnipro, and Chernivtsi

Graham Robson June 20, 2022

Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, most non-governmental organisations have reformatted their activities. The Alliance.Global NGO was not left out of the new challenges, and as of today the organisation has three shelters for LGBTQ+ people and their family members who were forced to leave their own homes in search of a safe place to live.

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General News

Update: Chechen court rules abduction of gay refugees is legal

Rachel Badham March 1, 2021

A court in the Russian region of Chechnya has ruled that it was legal for police to abduct two gay refugees and return them to Chechen authorities.

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General News

Four arrested after decorating Russian government buildings with rainbow flags

Rachel Badham October 12, 2020

Four members of Russian feminist collective and punk rock art group, Pussy Riot, have arrested after decorating government buildings with LGBTQ+ flags on Vladimir Putin’s birthday.

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