International News

Republican senator launches attack on trans youth

Rachel Badham January 4, 2021

US Republican senator, Mike Lee of Utah, has launched an attack on trans youth playing sports alongside other children.

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General News

Piers Morgan argues trans women should not play rugby

Rachel Badham October 19, 2020

TV presenter Piers Morgan, known for his controversial views, has publicly agreed with World Rugby’s decision to prevent trans women from playing in professional leagues, arguing it was a safety risk to other players.

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General News

Update: English rugby league allows trans women to play

Rachel Badham October 17, 2020

Despite recent rulings from World Rugby, the international union for the sport, stating trans women should not be allowed to play professionally on the basis of ‘safety’, the Rugby Football Union (RFU) in England has announced it will continue to allow trans women to participate.

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World Rugby rules against trans players

Rachel Badham October 11, 2020

World Rugby, the global union for the sport, published a new series of guidelines on Friday 9 October preventing transgender women competing at the highest levels of the game.

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Business News

International Gay Rugby addresses trans & non-binary rugby-playing community

July 22, 2020

International Gay Rugby (IGR) addresses the transgender and non-binary rugby-playing community following reports that on-going work to update World Rugby guidelines would exclude transgender women from the game.

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