Transgender News

New research led by the University of East Anglia (UEA) highlights some of the challenges that transgender and non-binary staff can face at work

Graham Robson March 17, 2023

The research team, from UEA and the University of Valle d’Aosta in Italy, met with 11 Italian trans workers to hear their stories, which were then analysed to understand how their experiences challenged binary gender norms and how they could inform the transformation of workplaces so they become more inclusive, such as providing awareness training for staff that embeds an understanding of gender identity as fluid and constructed.

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‘Conversation Piece: Swimming for Trans and Non-Binary Bodies’ at Fabrica on November 8

Graham Robson October 21, 2022

Join researcher and artist Lorenza Ippolito at Fabrica in Brighton on Tuesday, November 8 to discuss how bodies are policed in public space and the effects this has on trans and non-binary people. Conversation Piece: Swimming for Trans and Non-Binary Bodies is a regular discussion event that explores LGBTQ+ experiences in relation to exhibition themes.

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New film, KINDRED, based on true story of UK’s first openly non-binary parent to adopt a child to feature at Venice International Film Festival

Graham Robson August 26, 2022

The remarkable true story of the first openly non-binary parent to successfully adopt a child in the UK has inspired a stunning new immersive film, KINDRED, starring Hollyoaks’ Ki Griffin, which will feature at Venice International Film Festival.

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National News

LGBTQ+ organisations call for meaningful progress on non-binary equality in Scotland

Graham Robson July 13, 2022

National LGBTQ+ organisations in Scotland have called for awareness to become action following the publication of the Scottish Government’s response to 35 recommendations from the Working Group on Non-Binary Equality.

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