Report: No trans or non-binary characters seen in major studio films in 2020

Rachel Badham July 20, 2021

GLAAD found that out of 44 major studio films that were released in 2020, none featured a trans or non-binary character.

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General News

Study: 26% of queer youth identify as non-binary in the US

Rachel Badham July 14, 2021

The Trevor Project has released a new report that found just over a quarter of LGBTQ+ youth living in America identify as non-binary.

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General News

New York proposes bill to simplify the self-ID process for trans people

Rachel Badham June 11, 2021

New York is striving to make the process of changing gender markers on legal documents easier for trans citizens.

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UK theatres make trans casting pledge

Rachel Badham May 28, 2021

Over 40 UK theatres have signed a pledge which promises to only cast trans, non-binary and GCN actors for trans roles.

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