REVIEW: Dr Who – Time Fracture

April 12, 2022

This is a fun event for anyone who enjoys being thrown into a well-crafted world, or rather 17 different worlds with 13 possible storylines populated by believable, well-acted characters living in a real-time space created with attention to detail. As you’d expect it’s an inclusive show, very Queer friendly, disability inclusive and with care given to include people who may be shy or need some extra discreet support to get the very best experience.

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General News

Vigil held outside BBC to commemorate the Trans Day of Remembrance

Rachel Badham November 23, 2021

Following criticism of the BBC’s coverage of the trans community, a crowd gathered outside the BBC’s HQ on the Trans Day of Remembrance.

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General News

LGBTQ+ BBC staff told to accept hearing views they disagree with: “That’s what the BBC is.”

Rachel Badham November 16, 2021

Head of outgoing news Fran Unsworth has told LGBTQ+ BBC staff to get used to hearing and seeing views that they do “not personally like”.

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