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A new major fundraising event celebrating the progress of LGBTQ+ communities and a charity’s own remarkable development has been launched

Graham Robson October 4, 2023

Pride Action North (PAN) is hosting the inaugural Progression Ball and Awards Ceremony on February 2, 2024 to mark the beginning of LGBTQ+ History Month in recognition of the work being carried out by organisations and individuals to make the North East a more inclusive, diverse and accepting place for all.

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Brighton & Hove Libraries announce events to mark LGBT+ History Month

Graham Robson February 3, 2023

February is LGBT+ History Month in the UK, which celebrates LGBTQ+ lives in their full diversity. Each year, Schools OUT sets a different theme and this year it’s Behind the Lens, celebrating LGBTQ+ people’s contribution to cinema and film from behind the lens. You are encouraged to look ‘Behind the Lens’ and listen to LGBTQ+ lived experience.

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Brighton LGBTIQ+ History Club to explore Queers and Books at Brighton’s Jubilee Library on Sunday, February 26

Graham Robson February 2, 2023

Opening Pandora’s Box: queer dimensions of library legacies, struggles and hopes will see Alice Corble share stories from her career as a queer library user, worker, researcher and activist, reflecting on the spaces and communities of queer discovery and connection that libraries can foster, as well as institutional and societal constraints and conflicts that can limit such possibilities. The discussion will invite intergenerational lessons and longings for LGBTQ+ library lives.

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