OutRight Action International statement on outcome of the US Election

Graham Robson November 8, 2020

“OutRight looks forward to working with the Biden/Harris Administration to reestablish respect for LGBTQ+ rights throughout US foreign policy.”

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Cynthia Nixon: “I feel frightened” about Trump`s Election Plans

Paul Wright September 18, 2020

“There are many things that the right uses against trans people, and a lot of them have to do with a threat” said Cynthia Nixon on the weaponsing of Trans rights.

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Election Special

Biden endorsed by US LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce

Rachel Badham September 3, 2020

The US LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce says Joe Biden’s commitment to signing the Equality Act would not only protect but empower queer business owners.

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US Election: Cher`s LGBTQ+ Biden Fundraiser In Tune for $2 Million

Paul Wright September 1, 2020

”It was love at first speech” said Cher of Biden. “So ask yourself: Do you believe in life after Trump?” That was the question at a virtual LGBTQ+ fundraising event for the Democrats, reworking the lyrics to Cher`s hit song Believe.

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