General News

Trans woman stabbed 16 times in hate crime

Rachel Badham October 10, 2020

Daniela Hernandez, a 42-year-old trans woman, was attacked and had her throat cut by a group of men at 9.30am as she was sat on a bench in MacArthur Park, Los Angeles.

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Election Special

Biden endorsed by US LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce

Rachel Badham September 3, 2020

The US LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce says Joe Biden’s commitment to signing the Equality Act would not only protect but empower queer business owners.

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Chicago memorial remembers black trans lives

Rachel Badham August 30, 2020

Black trans people who have been killed as a result of hate crimes have been honoured as Chicago artists have created a mural on Catalpa Avenue (Andersonville).

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Community News

Anti-LGBTQ+ speaker to talk at National Republican Convention

Rachel Badham August 26, 2020

Franklin Graham, known for his controversial views about the LGBTQ+ community, is scheduled to address the National Republican Convention.

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