Greens welcome news of NHS plans to open Gender Identity Clinic in Sussex

Graham Robson April 21, 2022

Following a joint letter from Cllrs Clare and Powell to Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee, NHS England have confirmed plans to improve access to trans healthcare in Sussex

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General News

Scotland allocates crisis funding to trans healthcare sector

Rachel Badham December 15, 2021

As part of the 2022-2023 budget, the Scottish government has dedicated £2m of “crisis funding” to the trans healthcare sector.

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Legal challenge launched against years-long wait trans people face for first appointment at NHS gender clinics

Graham Robson October 2, 2021

With trans young people and adults waiting years to be seen by the NHS, Good Law Project is supporting two adults, Eva and Alex, and two children who can’t be named, in cases against NHS England for failing to offer a first appointment within the legal timeframe of 18 weeks

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General News

Report: 98% of trans people believe healthcare is inadequate

Rachel Badham September 29, 2021

According to a survey by Trans Actual, nearly all trans people believe that transition-related healthcare provided by the NHS is inadequate.

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General News

Bell v Tavistock puberty blocker ruling overturned

Rachel Badham September 17, 2021

The Court of Appeals has reversed 2020 ruling that aimed to prevent young trans people from accessing puberty blockers without legal consent.

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General News

Trans employees win healthcare discrimination lawsuit in North Carolina

Rachel Badham September 6, 2021

Six employees in North Carolina have won a lawsuit accusing the State Health Plan of discriminating against either them or their children.

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Community News

Sussex Health and Care Partnership speaks out for trans inclusion

Rachel Badham July 15, 2021

The Sussex Health and Care Partnership (SHCP) has affirmed its commitment to trans and non-binary inclusion.

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