Government’s Conversion Therapy Bill ‘breaches Human Rights Act’, says leading QC

Graham Robson June 13, 2022

Top public law and human rights barrister Dan Squires QC, of Matrix Chambers, has advised that the Government’s Conversion Therapy Bill, if enacted in its current form, would likely be open to legal challenge on the grounds that it is incompatible with the Human Rights Act.

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Good Law Project’s legal challenge to long-standing trans healthcare delays given permission to proceed to court hearing

Graham Robson May 11, 2022

Alongside trans-led organisation Gendered Intelligence and four people who have suffered life-altering and, Good Law Project argues, unlawful waits for treatment, Good Law Project applied last December for permission to bring a judicial review against NHS England on six grounds.

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Legal challenge launched against years-long wait trans people face for first appointment at NHS gender clinics

Graham Robson October 2, 2021

With trans young people and adults waiting years to be seen by the NHS, Good Law Project is supporting two adults, Eva and Alex, and two children who can’t be named, in cases against NHS England for failing to offer a first appointment within the legal timeframe of 18 weeks

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Community News

Appeal lodged against LGB Alliance’s charity status

Graham Robson June 2, 2021

Mermaids, alongside LGBT+ Consortium, Gendered Intelligence, LGBT Foundation, Trans Actual and Good Law Project, is appealing the decision by the Charity Commission to award LGB Alliance charitable status

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General News

Parents can consent to children receiving puberty blockers

Rachel Badham March 30, 2021

The UK High Court ruled that parents of trans children can consent to the child receiving puberty blockers.

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Election Special

British court ruling may prevent under 16s from accessing puberty blockers

Rachel Badham December 3, 2020

After a judicial review has been brought against The Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust, it is possible young trans people may be prevented from accessing puberty blockers.

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