General News

Bishop of Blackburn threatens to quit over LGBTQ+ rights

Rachel Badham November 26, 2020

Julian Tudor Henderson, the bishop of Blackburn and one of 42 serving bishops in the Church of England, has threatened to quit his position if the establishment continues to progress towards LGBTQ+ inclusive policies and teachings.

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Election Special

Nevada becomes first state to remove same-sex marriage ban from its constitution

Rachel Badham November 7, 2020

Nevada has become the first US state to remove a same-sex marriage ban from its state constitution after over two-thirds voted to amend a clause which defined marriage as the union of a man and a woman.

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General News

Venezuelan president urges parliament to consider marriage equality bill

Rachel Badham October 26, 2020

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro, 57, addressed the country’s national assembly on Thursday 22 October, asking members to consider the passage of a marriage equality bill.

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