Midlands-based gay couple fighting for their relationship following Home Office rejection

Catherine Muxworthy January 15, 2024

A married gay couple – Jack and George Scott-Lee who are both professional dancers, running a dance academy in Tipton – have been left ‘heartbroken’ after the Home Office rejected George’s partner visa, giving him just 14 days to leave the country. George, who is originally from Venezuela, arrived in the UK in 2020, as […]

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Women criminalised for historic same-sex activity to be pardoned

Graham Robson June 13, 2023

Fighting With Pride, the LGBTQ+ veterans’ charity, has reacted to an announcement from the Home Office that a scheme pardoning those criminalised for historic, alleged same-sex activity will be expanded to women convicted or cautioned under any repealed or abolished offences.

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National News

Home Office under Suella Braverman MP declines to provide a statement to support for National Hate Crime Awareness Week 2022

Graham Robson October 13, 2022

17-24-30 NationalHCAW – one of the country’s leading anti-hate crime charities and the founders of National Hate Crime Awareness Week – has made clear its disappointment that the Home Office, currently under the charge of Suella Braverman MP, has declined to offer a statement of support for this year’s National Hate Crime Awareness Week, which ends on October 16. 

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General News

Home Office failed to provide HIV medication to asylum seeker

Rachel Badham August 2, 2021

The UK Home Office breached European Convention of Human Rights by not providing an asylum seeker with vital HIV medication.

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Hate Crimes at record high, new figures from Home Office reveal.

Graham Robson October 13, 2020

Statistics released by the Home Office have revealed that hate crime has hit its highest level on record with 105,090 hate crimes recorded in 2019/20, up 8% compared with 97,446 offences in 2018/19.

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In The South

Married gay couple face Christmas deportation heartache

Besi Besemar November 28, 2018

Brian Page, a 41-year-old man from North Carolina and his 36-year-old English husband Ben face having their family torn apart just in time for Christmas. The couple of nearly seven years live in Milton Keynes and were married in New York in June 2014 before moving to England to provide support to Ben’s terminally ill mother.

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Community News

‘Oldest Gay in the Village’ receives Home Office letter in apology

Besi Besemar April 28, 2017

George Montague affectionately know as The Oldest Gay in the Village has received a letter from the Home Office pointing to an apology issued to all gay men pardoned of historic sexual convictions where the activity involved would not constitute a crime today.

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Community News

LGBT+ Catholics support gay Ugandan facing deportation

Besi Besemar April 17, 2017

Godfrey Kawalya is a gay Ugandan refugee living in Britain since 2002. He was expelled from secondary school in Uganda in his teens and was rejected by his family because of his sexuality. After leaving school, Godfrey found construction work in Uganda, but his company sacked him when they discovered he was gay.

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