Brighton Fringe

REVIEW: ‘Kitchen Underwear’ by Maria Goikhberg and Kate Stamoulis

Brian Butler June 13, 2024

Zee and Ash are lesbians at opposite ends of the interactive spectrum: the new flatmates share poetry as an interest/job, but where Ash is loud and outrageous, with endless quick-fire one-liners, Zee is introvert, suspicious, hurt and thoughtful. Ash decides unilaterally she will string her undies up in the kitchen as an art installation, and […]

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New show at Camden People’s Theatre to revive the vital yet overlooked history of the UK’s only dedicated lesbian centre

May 14, 2024

Camden People’s Theatre (CPT) in partnership with MIRRORBALL present GRILLS, a theatre production and interactive installation reviving the vital yet overlooked history of the ground-breaking work – and bringing to life the pioneering spirit  – of the UK’s only dedicated lesbian centre. The Camden Lesbian Centre (CLC) began in 1982 when a group of white […]

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Community News

New survey published for Lesbian Visibility Week finds lesbian, bi and queer women – as well as trans people – often feel unsafe in their day to day lives

Graham Robson April 22, 2024

As celebrations for Lesbian Visibility Week kick off around the world, a new survey of lesbian, bi and queer women – as well as trans people – points to communities in the UK that are out and proud, but often feel unsafe in their day to day lives. A deep dive into the experiences of […]

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Study finds lesbian women more like to orgasm than straight counterparts

Graham Robson April 8, 2024

A new study from Rutgers University in the United States has shown that women with female sexual partners are more likely to orgasm than women with male partners. The study of 1,000 women found 78% of women who had sexual experiences with female partners experienced orgasms, compared to just 65% of those who had sex […]

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Standing Strong: A Lesbian Survivor’s Plea for Inclusive Domestic Abuse Support

March 19, 2024

“From the moment I walked through the doors of the LGBTQ+ support group, I felt a sense of belonging and acceptance,” Sarah shares. “For the first time, I was able to speak openly about my experiences as a lesbian survivor, knowing that I was surrounded by people who understood and supported me.”

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Community News

“For the community by the community.” GirlFlix lesbian and queer women dance party to celebrate first birthday and Valentine’s on Friday, February 16

Graham Robson January 17, 2024

GirlFlix, a lesbian and queer women dance party, which has been bringing together self-identifying women since February 2023, is to celebrate its first birthday and Valentine’s Day on Friday, February 16 at Melon in Worthing. The Valentine’s and first birthday party will have five iconic DJs and a live singer: DJ S2K spinning funky tunes […]

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Lesbian priest couple among first same-sex partnerships to be blessed in the Church of England

Graham Robson December 19, 2023

A lesbian priest couple – Catherine Bond and Jane Pearce – were among the first same-sex partnerships to be blessed in the Church of England on Sunday, December 17. Catherine and Jane held hands as they were blessed at St John the Baptist church in Felixstowe, Suffolk in a service which followed the General Synod voting […]

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Lesbian love scenes cut from Love Actually resurface 20 years later

Graham Robson November 15, 2023

Christmas rom com Love Actually turns 20 this year – and we feel ancient! Writer and director Richard Curtis has described in a DVD that a lesbian love story woven into the story had to be cut from the final version when an element in another story was changed. The plot involved Anne Reid, the […]

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BOOK REVIEW: Sunburn by Chloe Michelle Howarth

June 14, 2023

Sunburnt offers us a peek into blistering adolescent angst, a furious fission of elemental feelings exploding, boiling and churning with huge undercurrents sending out massive uninhibited flares that disrupt expectations and apparent paths forward.

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