Brighton Fringe

REVIEW: ‘Kitchen Underwear’ by Maria Goikhberg and Kate Stamoulis

Brian Butler June 13, 2024

Zee and Ash are lesbians at opposite ends of the interactive spectrum: the new flatmates share poetry as an interest/job, but where Ash is loud and outrageous, with endless quick-fire one-liners, Zee is introvert, suspicious, hurt and thoughtful.

Ash decides unilaterally she will string her undies up in the kitchen as an art installation, and she seems to take over the life of the flat and occasionally intrudes clumsily in the private space of her flatmate.

And yet, love blossoms when these opposites finally attract – I know that’s a spoiler – but it’s a crucial pivotal point in this engaging and funny rom com. 

From time to time the plot line teeters towards the trite and predictable, but co-writers and co-stars Maria Goikhberg and Kate Stamoulis, pull it back with poetic touches, and give us a few more surprises before its denouement, which I won’t disclose.

The play is a delight and I think needs further development to get it up to full power, but as lesbian rom coms go it’s interesting.

Kitchen Underwear was at The Lantern Theatre as part of Brighton Fringe.