Interweaving Spaces, a free exhibition from artist Gil Mualem-Doron, to open at Worthing Museum and Art Gallery on Saturday, August 19

Graham Robson August 8, 2023

Interweaving Spaces, now three years in the making, is a large-scale immersive installation that explores biodiversity and cultural diversity.

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Out of the Artist: first LGBTQ+ exhibition at Worthing Museum and Gallery to run till September 2023

Graham Robson June 14, 2023

Out of the Artist, a free exhibition creating a safe and accepting space for local independent LGBTQ+ artists to creatively share their voice and personal experiences, free from restrictions and discrimination, is currently showing at Worthing Museum and Gallery till September 10, 2023. 

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Programme to improve West Sussex mental health inpatient services complete

Graham Robson October 6, 2022

The NHS in Sussex has announced that a programme to significantly improve mental health inpatient services in West Sussex for adults, older people and those living with dementia has been fully implemented.

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