Study finds gay and bi men aged over 70 more sexually active than straight men of the same age

Graham Robson September 10, 2023

The findings, which are part of a new study shedding light on people’s sex lives as they get older, show gay and bisexual men continued to have sex with multiple partners, while straight men and women became less sexually active as they get older.

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PREVIEW: Queer cowboys, a Grindr musical, Eurovision and Miss Hope Springs

Brian Butler April 17, 2023

You wait forever for one show about queer cowboys, and then along come two. Not only that, there’s a musical about Grindr, the return of everybody’s favourite Jamie, and more of the faded star that never was Miss Hope Springs.

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COLUMN: Exploring safe online dating for the LGBTQ+ community

April 21, 2022

Technology now means there’s never been an easier time to start online dating and find love. That doesn’t always mean the social stuff is any easier, but there’s now a real wealth of apps and sites to choose from that make chatting to others simple. Making connections and finding others in the queer community to share experiences with.

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Grindr serial killer inquests delayed

Rachel Badham January 16, 2021

New inquests into the murders of Anthony Walgate, Gabriel Kovari, Daniel Whitworth and Jack Taylor, at the hands of 45-year-old Stephen Port, have been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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