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Study: 64% of LGBTQ+ people have turned to porn as an alternative educational resource

Rachel Badham September 17, 2021

A new study on sexual education in the UK by Durex has found over half of LGBTQ+ people have turned to porn as an educational resource, with only 14% of queer respondents saying they felt the sex ed they were given in school was relevant to them. The #MySexMyWay survey interviewed 5,457 sexually active UK respondents aged 18 + over the course of June/July 2021, with the aim to explore how sex education has affected the sexual confidence of LGBTQ+ people across the country.

While 90% of respondents had formal sex education in school, less than a third of LGBTQ+ people felt that their sex ed tutor was knowledgeable, with only 6% saying that their sex ed classes improved their sexual confidence. However, 42% felt that sex education is becoming more inclusive and generally improving, with an additional 78% saying that they now felt free to explore their identity and sexuality. 

Lindsay Forbes, wellness category manager at Durex, said a “more inclusive and supportive sex ed” curriculum could help many people feel more able to explore their identity, adding: “If sex ed remains exclusive of LGBTQ+ issues, all pupils regardless of their sexual identity will be lacking in the knowledge and awareness needed for a wholly accepting society, full of individuals confident with their sexual selves.” Durex will continue to work alongside LGBTQ+ partners such as HER and Grindr to “provide and curate informative, inclusive and reliable educational resources to all those who need them.”