SPOTLIGHT ON: From the oldest queer theatre company in the UK to queer cabaret La Cage Aux Folles, Ruby Wax’s quest to find peace and the stage debut of a gay diving star

Brian Butler August 11, 2023

Brian Butler finds passion, forbidden love, singing and dancing in the latest queer theatre offerings

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General News

Boyz magazine trans editor resigns

Rachel Badham February 3, 2021

Rebecca Tallon de Havilland, trans activist and co-editor of Boyz magazine, has resigned after finding the publication has continued to associate with anti-trans organisation, the LGB Alliance.

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General News

Eddie Izzard criticised by LGB Alliance

Rachel Badham January 1, 2021

Controversial anti-trans group, the LGB Alliance, publicly criticised 58-year-old comedian Eddie Izzard, saying she caused offence by requesting to be referred to by she/her pronouns.

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