REVIEW: The Picture of Dorian Gray – Barn Theatre online

Brian Butler March 16, 2021

Brian Butler is drawn into the word of online influencers -one of whom would sell his soul

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Russell Tovey: New Film Celebrates Artist

Paul Wright August 11, 2020

Baby Lies Truthfully is a new short film featuring Russell Tovey about the life of the artist David Robillard.

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In The South

OPINION: Craig’s Thoughts – why are we so nasty to each other?

Craig Hanlon-Smith March 25, 2018

Russell Tovey announces his marriage and receives almost no Tom Daley-style vitriol from the gay community. It couldn’t be because we would all serious make a play for his rugby playing beau Steve Brockman, could it? 

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OPINION: Just Another Case of History Repeating Itself

Tommy The Queer Historian March 24, 2016

It’s October 1977 and five members from the group Campaign for Homosexual Equality (CHE) have rocked up outside The Corn Exchange in Brighton to picket John Inman’s new show. Why? Because they believed his flamboyant character from hit TV show Are You Being Served? isn’t helping their cause. But what do John Inman and Russell Tovey, the homosexual actor from TV shows Looking and Being Human, have in common?

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