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Piers & Queers: Take a tour of England’s ‘Gay Capital’

Gary Hart April 8, 2016

A walking tour around Brighton, the ‘gay capital’ of England, looks at this beautiful and historic city through the eyes its LGBTQ inhabitants over the last 200 years as part of Brighton Fringe festival in May.

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LGBT HISTORY MONTH: Experience two centuries of LGBT life in Brighton

Besi Besemar January 8, 2015

Piers and Queers, a walking tour during the national LGBT History Month in February, will follow in the footsteps of some of the historical Brightonians who lived outside the norms of sexuality and gender. Brighton’s current popularity as a gay-friendly city is well-known, but Brighton has been attracting people who wanted to ‘escape to the seaside’ for over 200 years. And this included many people who we would now call LGBT.

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