THT launch Covid-safe HIV remembrance hub to mark World AIDS Day

Graham Robson November 26, 2020

THT launches its first ever digital remembrance platform, where users can share a short dedication message to someone who has passed away or in solidarity with those living with HIV

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Burning the Clocks launch Crowdfunder for 2018 event

Besi Besemar November 7, 2018

Brighton charity Same Sky has launched a crowdfunder for Burning the Clocks 2018, offering exclusive gifts in order to raise £5,000 and help secure the future of Burning the Clocks. Taking place from 6.30pm on Friday, December 21, 2018, the Burning the Clocks parade runs from New Road to the seafront, with around 2,000 participants and more than 20,000 onlookers.  

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