Birmingham HIV activist joins National AIDS Trust’s World AIDS Day 2023 campaign

Catherine Muxworthy September 14, 2023

Birmingham-based artist and HIV activist Garry Jones is one of three faces leading National AIDS Trust’s (NAT) Rock the Ribbon campaign for World AIDS Day 2023. Jones was pivotal in conceptualising, campaigning for and fundraising for Birmingham’s HIV & AIDS Memorial alongside several other campaigners. Additionally, he has led various other projects including the Birmingham HIV Memorial Quilts which have been on display across the city.

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Fundraising News

Take Action. Lace Up: World AIDS Day RED RUN to take place on Saturday, November 26

Graham Robson November 7, 2022

Taking place on Saturday, November 26 the World AIDS Day Red Run is a 10K/5K charity fun run and 5K walk through leafy Victoria Park, East London to support essential HIV charities across the UK!

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Routine HIV screening at Royal Sussex County Hospital’s emergency department is helping to detect undiagnosed HIV in Brighton

October 31, 2022

HIV screening at the Royal Sussex County Hospital emergency department has helped detect undiagnosed HIV in the city and offer the chance for effective and early treatment.

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More to Me than HIV: normalising and desensationalising the reality of living with HIV

October 30, 2022

For as long as people living with HIV, (and even those not living with HIV), experience the detrimental effects of HIV stigma, our work is not complete. Stigma and the perceived threat of stigma prevent people from getting tested and even from taking their medication, scared that others will notice.

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Community News

Youth charity Ditch the Label announces findings of a new report into hate speech targeting those living with HIV and AIDS

Graham Robson December 1, 2021

A new report reviewing 239 thousand online conversations surrounding serophobia – an aversion to, disdain for, or fear of people living with HIV – has today been published by leading youth charity Ditch the Label for World AIDS Day

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