Brighton & Hove Covid Memorial Quilt

Graham Robson April 9, 2021

You may remember The Hankie Quilt which honoured those lost to HIV/AIDS, well now a group of women have joined together to sew a quilt to honour Brighton & Hove residents who died from Covid this past year. Some are experienced stitchers, while others haven’t threaded a needle in 30 years.

The idea for the quilt came from Emma Daniel who, along with other Brighton & Hove women, had contributed to The Women’s Quilt in 2017, with each square remembering one of the 598 women killed in the UK by their partners, between 2009 and 2015.

Squares are currently being sewn, embroidered and embellished, to eventually become a huge quilt which, the group hopes, will find a permanent home in our city, so that it can be visited as a place of remembrance.

“It’s such a wonderful project that I’m proud to be a part of,” says Louise, who has sewn squares for Thora, Charlotte and Brenda.

If you’d like to have a name included, email

You can also get involved via the Facebook group: Brighton and Hove Covid Memorial Quilt Volunteers.