Update: Ofsted to mark down schools that exclude LGBTQ+ education

Rachel Badham September 19, 2020

New regulations about LGBTQ+ inclusive education means UK schools that fail to teach students about LGBTQ+ matters risk being marked down by Ofsted inspectors.

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Business News

New equality ruling protects gender non-conforming people

Rachel Badham September 18, 2020

A new addition to the UK Equality Act will provide greater protection to the gender non-conforming community by recognising non-binary identities.

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Business News

Trans woman refused service in UK pub

Rachel Badham September 12, 2020

19-year-old trans woman Savanna Galloway was ‘left in tears’ after being refused service at The Counting House (Wetherspoons) in Glasgow. Staff refused to serve Galloway, arguing her ID photo was not her.

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General News

Johnson supports Abbott despite controversial LGBTQ+ views

Rachel Badham September 7, 2020

Prime minister Boris Johnson has said Australian prime minister Tony Abbott will be appointed to unpaid trade job from the UK government.

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