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Brighton housing campaigner warns of LGBTQ+ homelessness

Rachel Badham February 24, 2021

Daniel Harris, a Brighton housing campaigner, is encouraging the council to create more specialist support for LGBTQ+ homeless people.

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New play to support LGBTQ+ youth homelessness charity akt

Graham Robson January 12, 2021

Star Man, a new play written and by James Cole, is making its livestream debut to raise funds for the LGBTQ+ youth homelessness charity akt at 5.30pm on Sunday, January 17

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First homeless shelter for the trans community to open in New Orleans

Rachel Badham July 23, 2020

The House of Tulip trust in the US is currently in the process of fundraising to buy a property in New Orleans, Louisiana, which will become a safe house for transgender and gender non-conforming people

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B RIGHT ON LGBT Community Festival: Outside Out: Rough Sleeping and Homelessness in the LGBT Community

Besi Besemar February 17, 2018

Brighton and Hove has a reputation as a safe space for all and many people come here seeking to live a life unhindered and as part of an all embracing community. The city also has a serious housing crisis with no drastic solutions in view for people who have lived here their whole lives or for those newly arrived.

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Rough sleeping totals in Brighton continue to rise

Besi Besemar February 3, 2018

The number of people sleeping rough and experiencing homelessness in the Brighton & Hove continues to rise despite considerable resources being allocated to help ease the problem. This year’s rough sleeper review produced by the government confirms the number of rough sleepers in Brighton & Hove as 178 in the annual winter estimate.

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