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Brighton charity Off The Fence launches new exclusive t-shirt brand, Team Hope

Graham Robson September 11, 2023

Off The Fence (OTF) – a charity that aims to restore the lives and hopes of people experiencing homelessness, women in difficulty and vulnerable school children in Brighton & Hove – has unveiled its new exclusive t-shirt brand, Team Hope, and during a recent launch fashion show, 62 t-shirts were sold.

Team Hope t-shirts involve leading artists and designers, including Sam Bailey, The Postman, Rip Gill and Ellie Judd, coming together to donate unique designs to create 500 strictly limited batches that will be sold to support homeless and marginalised individuals in the city.

Each t-shirt will come with a certificate of authenticity and be signed by the designer. Six designs are now available to purchase from the Team Hope website. Priced at £35 per t-shirt, £10 from each purchase will go directly to the OTF charity.

The new brand officially launched on Friday, September 8 at an exclusive event at Leonardo Royal Hotel on Brighton seafront. Showcasing the talent, inclusivity, compassion, and creativity of the Brighton & Hove community, the launch was attended by the Mayor of Brighton & Hove Cllr Jackie O’Quinn and Bruno Saltor’s partner Raquel Seliva (Valencia shirt designer and producer), who is a co-creator of the Team Hope brand and heads up the creative team. Peter Kyle MP sent a special message of support via video.

Roy Stannard, CEO of Team Hope, commented: “Team Hope is more than a brand; it’s a movement aimed at levelling the playing field for those who have been dealt an unfair hand. We exist to ensure the vulnerable in our cities are seen, heard, and understood. It’s about literally wearing our hearts on our sleeves, demonstrating our commitment to fostering empathy, inclusivity, and compassion. With every purchase, our customers become a part of this remarkable journey, a journey that gives extra time, attention, and care to those whom society has unfortunately overlooked.

“In a world where trends come and go, Team Hope stands as a beacon of purpose-driven fashion. We have launched the brand with a wardrobe staple – t-shirts that transcend boundaries, cultures, and backgrounds. Each t-shirt is unique, not just in design but in the lives it touches. Crafted by exceptionally talented local artists who share our vision, these shirts carry the essence of transformation and hope. I want to say thank you in advance to our customers – when you choose a Team Hope t-shirt, you are not simply making a purchase; you are casting a vote for change, compassion, and progress – which is, in itself, emblematic of Brighton & Hove.”

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