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Brighton’s very first LGBTQ+ Emergency Night Shelter opens its doors

Graham Robson February 3, 2023

After many months of hard work and preparation, the doors to Brighton’s very first LGBTQ+ Emergency Night Shelter have opened.

The shelter is a 10-week pilot funded by the Brighton Rainbow Fund and is a partnership between LGBTQ+ charities Outside Project, Stonewall Housing and Brighton & Hove LGBTQ+ Switchboard.

Brighton & Hove LGBTQ+ Switchboard say: “Our shelter is by and for LGBTQ+ people aged 18+ who are experiencing homelessness, sofa surfing, feeling unsafe where they are staying or using apps to find places to sleep. The shelter is in a secure location in central Brighton and can provide between one to 14 nights of accommodation.

“We can accommodate up to 10 people and are currently accepting referrals. Our shelter provides a warm and comfortable sleeping space, hot meals, showering facilities, care packages and access to targeted support services for LGBTQ+ people.”

For more information or to make a referral, email or CLICK HERE