Brighton Bear Weekend Tea Dance on Sunday

May 24, 2020

The boys from Brighton Bear Weekend (BBW) will be hosting a Bank Holiday Tea Dance to raise vital funds for the Brighton Rainbow Fund over Zoom on Sunday, May 24 from 2pm.

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Brighton Bear Weekend

UK’s biggest study of the bear scene comes to Brighton Bear Weekend 2019!

Besi Besemar May 23, 2019

Brighton’s bears, otters, cubs, chubs, and chasers are invited to take part in a first-of-its-kind study on June 15th 2019, when the Bearspace project comes to the Brighton Bear Weekend!

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MUSIC REVIEW: ‘Plus size men are beautiful’ says Tom Goss in his latest song

Ray A-J October 13, 2018

Well loved Bears singer Tom Goss flips beauty standards with his newest song, Round in all the right places. FIVE YEARS AGO, a groundbreaking songwriter shone the spotlight on some unsung beauties. With a wonderful song all about his sweet, sweet love for a specific kind of guy, a Bear, the singer offered us a look […]

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OPINION: Craig’s Thoughts 

Craig Hanlon-Smith June 3, 2018

IS THAT my tribe? Asked the awkward seven- year-old, skirting along the outer perimeter of the all-weather pitch on a 1970s wet spring Lancashire lunchtime. Envying the gaggles of energetic boys and their temporary but automatic friendship. Staring lost at their heptathlon of sports that he was certainly the master of none nor understood the appeal of fast bowls, off-cut plank cricket bats and grazed knees.

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