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NHS to allow HIV positive people to access vaccines without disclosing status

Rachel Badham February 22, 2021

New NHS England regulations mean people living with HIV will no longer have to disclose their status to get access to Covid-19 vaccinations.

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Pride London honours 50 years of queer revolt

Besi Besemar July 11, 2019

Pride in London video Pride Jubilee 1969-2019 celebrates 50 years of Pride, charting the movements journey from the Stonewall riots through the devastation caused by AIDS/HIV and Section 28 through to the triumph of the passing of the same-sex marriage legislation in 2014.

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PREVIEW: AFTER 82 – The untold stories of the AIDS pandemic in the UK

Besi Besemar June 2, 2019

AFTER 82 brings to the screen the previously undocumented personal stories of the AIDS crisis in the UK. Narrated by Dominic West, Ben Lord and Steve Keeble, this compelling documentary looks back to the very early days of the pandemic when there were no medications available and a positive HIV test meant almost certain death.

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