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Brighton research reveals hidden sexual abuse of men and barriers to seeking support

Graham Robson June 6, 2023

Men experience a range of unwanted sexual experiences including child sexual abuse, sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape. Over two thirds (65%) of the men who participated in the study had more than one unwanted sexual experience, with sexual assault and sexual harassment most reported. The majority (68.5%) of perpetrators had a pre-existing relationship with the participant.

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LGBTQ+ child sexual abuse victims and survivors ‘blamed for their abuse’

Graham Robson May 24, 2022

Some LGBTQ+ victims and survivors of child sexual abuse were told their identity or orientation was a result of the abuse they experienced, a new report by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse found.

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Galop launches largest ever report of its kind on LGBTQ+ experiences of sexual violence

Graham Robson April 20, 2022

In a survey of almost 1,000 LGBTQ+ survivors of sexual assault by Galop, respondents reported instances of rape, penetrative sexual assault, ‘revenge porn’ and groping, which was more often than not perpetrated due to the victim’s identity.

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