PREVIEW: ‘Therapy’ at the Marlborough Theatre

March 20, 2015

LaLa Theatre Co present their debut play Therapy at the Marlborough Theatre. To heal, or not to heal? Is that a question? 

To err is human! Does that even make sense?

 There are only two things that are certain in life…death and taxes..oh yeah, three things… Therapy! 

When are we considered broken? When do we need to be fixed? 

Therapy plays host to a disparate bunch of characters seeking these very answers. Join them as they embark on a series of bizarre holistic treatments at the Orpady Centre of inner investigations, designed to put them in touch with their truth.
 Led by an unorthodox doctor and two new-age practitioners, the group are taken on a bonkers and revealing journey, as head and heart do battle in a bawdy tale of wit and woe!

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