OPERA REVIEW: The Barber of Seville @English National Opera

October 6, 2017

Two centuries after its premiere and thirty years after its first outing in 1987, Jonathan Millerā€™sĀ Tiepolo-inspired staging brilliantly intercuts the traditions of the Italian commedia dellā€™arte and the Whitehall farce to create a charming evening of musical and comedy enjoyment.

Rossiniā€™s prequel toĀ The Marriage of FigaroĀ remains as tuneful, ironic and funny as ever. Set in an elegant comic-opera vision of 18th-century Seville, this thirteenth revival with returning (2015 production) directorĀ Peter ReltonĀ taking experienced control of this established production has the same warm comfortable seriousness its last outing, and serves up the laughs.

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