Fruitful Collective

Alex Klineberg October 2, 2021

Bitten Peach was formed with fellow performers on the cabaret scene. They sold out as soon as they announced shows. Was that because of the individual performers or the nature of the group? “I think it was the collective aspect… no one had really seen an all-Asian group. ShayShay has a good following, I have a good following and Evelyn was upcoming. I think it was mostly because people had never seen anything like it.”

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General News

Shanghai Pride officially cancelled after a decade

Rachel Badham August 16, 2020

The annual Pride festival in Shanghai has been cancelled after 12 years, with the organisers announcing on Thursday 13 August that they were taking an indefinite break and cancelling all upcoming activities.

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Queer China – an exploration of queer culture and activism in China

Graham Robson June 25, 2020

A new analysis of queer culture in contemporary Chinese art and literature and how it is driving political and social activism has been published by the pioneering University of Nottingham media studies scholar Hongwei Bao.

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