Chris Jepson’s image depicting ‘Modern Love’ is a winner in GREAT Britain’s national competition

Graham Robson March 30, 2022

The subjects of Chris’ image Modern Love are George Montague, ‘The Oldest Gay in the Village’, and his husband of 25 years, Somchai.

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Community News

Oldest Gay in the Village fights on to get an apology from the Government

Besi Besemar October 31, 2016

George Montague affectionately know as ‘The Oldest Gay in the Village’ will deliver his petition calling for an apology from the Government for his historic sexual offence conviction to Downing Street on Wednesday, November 2.

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Community News

‘Oldest Gay in The Village’ announces his fundraising totals over Pride

Besi Besemar August 16, 2014

George Montague, the former Pride Ambassador, was out over the Pride weekend raising money for the Rainbow Fund. George, who is affectionately known as the Oldest Gay in the Village,Ā celebrated his 91st birthday a few weeks before Pride. He signed copies of his new book “The Oldest Gay in the Village” at Preston Park on […]

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