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Standing strong with More to Me than HIV

October 25, 2023

More to Me than HIV is a grassroots community art initiative that aims to normalise people living with HIV through portraiture. We have nearly 30 people who have shown their faces publicly and shared the information that they are living with HIV. We have exhibited 24 large-scale portraits at Jubilee Library for World AIDS Day […]

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More to Me than HIV: normalising and desensationalising the reality of living with HIV

October 30, 2022

For as long as people living with HIV, (and even those not living with HIV), experience the detrimental effects of HIV stigma, our work is not complete. Stigma and the perceived threat of stigma prevent people from getting tested and even from taking their medication, scared that others will notice.

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More to Me than HIV – online exhibition for World Aids Day 2020

Graham Robson September 17, 2020

More to Me than HIV, an online exhibition for World Aids Day 2020 on December 1, is inviting people living with HIV to share pics and some words to publicly combat stigma, and show and celebrate how they are winning at life.

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