More to Me than HIV – online exhibition for World Aids Day 2020

Graham Robson September 17, 2020

More to Me than HIV, an online exhibition for World Aids Day 2020 on December 1, is inviting people living with HIV to share pics and some words to publicly combat stigma, and show and celebrate how they are winning at life.

Supported by Brighton & Hove Police and Brighton & Hove Library Service, the project hopes to show that people living with HIV are not just surviving, but thriving.

The organisers of More to Me than HIV, say: ‘With the Covid-19 pandemic, parallels have been drawn between our current situation and the emergence of HIV in the 1980s. Fear, misinformation, blame seeking, judgement and stigma play a part in both epidemics.

‘While the whole world looks for a cure for Covid-19, there is still no cure for HIV, some 30 years after it emerged. 

‘The good news now for HIV is that it is treatable, though not curable; with early detection and effective treatment – living with HIV is no longer a death sentence. However, stigma is still experienced by many people living with HIV, and can have serious negative effects on a person’s wellbeing.

‘The more people who can be visible and stand with us, the more we can support, and give courage to those who feel that stigma is preventing them from being visible.’

To get involved, email one self portrait, two pics and three words that you would use to define yourself to


All images will be posted on their website at the start of National HIV Testing Week at the end of November and for World Aids Day on December 1, 2020. It is hoped the printed exhibition will return to libraries in Brighton & Hove next year.

For more info, CLICK HERE