Winter wellbeing: Advice and tips to stay positive when things seem bleak

Graham Robson November 22, 2022

Holding on to small moments of joy and positivity is going to be particularly important this winter, say the British Psychological Society (BPS), with the cost of living and energy crises likely to continue making things difficult for people across the UK.

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Trans Can Sport announces new mindfulness programme for trans, non-binary and gender variant people

Graham Robson November 15, 2022

Trans Can Sport said: “Mindfulness is being aware of what is happening in the moment, without judgement. It is a wonderful form of meditation, with a focus on compassion and kindness.” 

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Trans Can Sport release details of upcoming activities & online workshops

Graham Robson November 14, 2020

The activities and online workshops will keep you going through lockdown and beyond!

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